5 Years & Counting....

On May 29th my husband, Caleb & I celebrated 5 Years of dating. It is probably the last time we will celebrate on that date, because now we have January 2nd for our wedding anniversary & September 6th for when we renewed our vows in front of all of our friends & family.

Wow.....looking back on 5 years ago makes me feel giddy all over again. It all started in the IMS chapel when we had assigned seating next to each other & we ended up exchanging phone numbers back in January of 05' ...... we immediately starting talking on the phone every night sometimes for 4 hours at a time, my dad was not too happy with the phone bill, and that's when we switched to unlimited text messaging also..... woops. sorry dad :)

We both remember noticing each other for the first time (ims is a very small high school).... Caleb asked one of his buddies, who is also one of my big brother's buddies, "who is that hot freshman?!" and his reply was...."you better not tell drew you said that, that is his sister, britt!"
and of course my memory involves shoes, I remember seeing him walk across the foyer with some nice puma sneakers on, and I whispered to my bff (kelsey), "who is that hot guy wearing the pumas who walks funny?" we giggled about it for awhile of course.

And what do you know.....now we are MARRIED. ha! :)

Caleb & I are opposites, we even each other out...... He is sensible, practical, goofy & outgoing. I am artistic, a bit of a dreamer, cautious & yet spunky. We need each other! I come up with a big business plan, caleb sets up my books & taxes & insurance..... I start sketching our house, Caleb starts a savings plan. I don't want to do anything new/risky, Caleb pushes me to do things. Caleb trys to save every penny, I push him to enjoy life :). I think I need another pair of shoes, Caleb knocks some sense into my head (I already have 100 pairs!).

okay, enough.... how about a recent picture? :)

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