Momma's Day

Happy Mother's Day [a day late]
I have the privilege of being Mason's "Ma-Ma".....
I couldn't ask for a sweeter, cuter, spunkier boy!
There's nothing like a mother's love.
I always knew I loved my mother a whole lot, but I never really fully understood how much she loved me until I had Mason, it's kind of a hard thing to wrap your brain around sometimes.

I really look up to my Mom. She is a successful business woman & a very successful mother. She is very loving & nurturing--- I hope I can be just like her in that way with Mason. My Mom is also a giver, she loves giving......she loves fashion......decorating.....vintage.....shoes.....
[& i just so happen to love all of these things too---wonder why?!]
One thing I most respect my mother for is her faith in God. She has inspiring bible verses & such all around our house & she prays every day for Me & Drew.....& I'm sure she now includes Caleb & Mason. But it's so reassuring to know that someone prays for you always.
Whenever I would have conflict at cosmo school, my Mom would always send me a text,
reminding me that I had God's favor & that she was covering me in prayer.
I ALWAYS felt God's presence in the room.

I don't believe pushing your faith on someone is the best way to make them a Christian, or throwing a bunch of rules at them either. God loves everyone---he created you & knows your heart. My Mom has a lot of verses & quotes around that suggest just being a good example. A couple of my favorites she has found in books & such.....

"Our number one goal in life as Christians should be Christlikeness. Our lives should make other people thirsty for what we have in Christ. The bible refers to us as salt, which makes people thirsty. And light, which exposes darkness."
"Begin a ministry of affirmation. Encourage everyone you meet. Ministry is not some great profound extraordinary thing, but ordinary things done in an extraordinary way."

I think those are some great truths to live by.....


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