Wilson Family Cruise 2010

and we had quite the experience.
Caleb & Mason both got to leave the country & see the ocean for the 1st time.
We all went on our 1st cruise.
Mason had his 1st plane ride. Caleb had his 2nd.
Caleb got stung by a small jellyfish ..... while snorkeling in the ocean.

Our cruise took off in MIAMI, went to the KEYS......then on to COZUMEL.
Cozumel was by far my favorite part of the trip. we went shopping & got lots of souvenirs.
the 1st place we stopped at for a quick cool down they serenaded us--- there beer was cheaper than water or pop! Mason had a sprite & was quite a good little boy the whole time.
On the cruise we went to 2 comedian shows, 2 dancing/singing shows, a deck dance party, the endless buffet, the kiddie pool/slides, the dance club (where me & ashley pulled out all of our "white girl moves"), the casino ;), & a thriller dance class (which only me & jess did).
In the Florida Keys, Mason........touched........a shark!
(at the aquarium where we went to a shark feeding)
In our room every morning & night the very nice staff cleaned our rooms, & at night they left little towel animals & mints on our bed (mason ate almost all of them). The rooms were TINY though, & so were the doors & hallways to the rooms.

We walked MANY MANY stairs
& ate lots & lots of chicken, nachos, fries, pizza, bananas & ice cream.

Everyone commented on Mason being a "gerber baby" & someone even jokingly offered us 2 million dollars for him. ha! He was such a good boy :) but he is happy to be home & take a baah (bath) & sleep in his own bed. He did start saying "go! go! go!" on the trip & "baby" or "babyzz" (he points to me & says "mama", and then points to himself & says "baby").

THANKS so much to Grandpa & Grandma Duvall for taking us on this trip to
CELEBRATE their anniversary.
We had a great time!

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