Personal [my ring]




my husband picked this out all by himself.

I'd say he knows my STYLE. :)

2 years ago (november 4th---election day) I got this ring.

and I still love it.



Hope everyone had a wonderful & relaxing Thanksgiving.

Remember to CHERISH family---each & every day!



a day at HOME

today was a great day at HOME........
I got a lot of stuff done on my list for the day, which feels awesome.

I got my HOLIDAY SPECIALS sent out for the salon via e-mail.

I got Mason's baby book finished.

I got a picture cd finalized for a client.

I ran errands.

I got the last batch of Mason's 1 1/2 year old photos printed.

I got our Christmas photos printed.

AND I made dinner.


now some RELAXATION..... maybe.

here is another photo of the BECKER's.
they have so many beautiful photos & I'm excited to give them their photo cd tomorrow!

have a good night everyone!


family [the Bailey's]

This family was such a joy to be around!
Their boys were FULL of energy, & so cute!
Here are a few sneak peeks..... :)



personal [family]

I am so very excited for the NEW ADDITION to our family!!!!!!!!

My brother Drew is getting married to this beautiful lady--Keri!
They haven't been dating very long, but when you KNOW, you just KNOW!
She just fits in so well with our family, to the point where you just feel like she's always been a part of it, we just never knew she was missing!
Plus--Mason loved her instantly.
That's a good sign.

They are planning a Summer wedding for 2011 :)

Congrats you two!!
Love you both.

-lil sis

personal [halloween]

Mason is obsessed with Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear...........
so he got to be him for Halloween this year!
He was SO SO excited when he looked in the mirror & saw "Buhz"!

We visited Great Grandparent's in Washington & 2 Farms to see both sides of Grandparents and an aunt & uncle! Mason loaded up on candy (he's got such a sweet tooth---like me)!!

have a HAPPY thursday everyONE!