I just want to thank everyone for a GREAT 2010!
All of my clients, salon & photo, are the BEST. truly.

we got all moved in....... it's been a very stressful, but exciting 2 weeks! we just feel so BLESSED by all the help we got from friends & family. we LOVE you guys.

We also celebrated my 21st birthday this week---iowa pulled off a great football game that night.

I also want to especially thank my parents for keeping me in line this year, they are always making me try to be a better person. I love you guys. My mom is a GIVER & my dad has the biggest HEART. I really cherish you guys.

and finally I want to thank Caleb & Mason (my boys) for making everyday a good day. no matter how rough the day, week or year.....it's always a good one, they put an instant smile on my face & warmth in my heart :)

I hope everyone has a BLESSED 2011 and can be thankful for many things of 2010. God is in charge & I can be confident because of Him.


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