My big brother is getting married!

My brother, Drew, is getting married July 16th.....
So I thought, why not blog about some good memories?!

It has been a very fast engagement, but when you know, you just know!
I had been praying for a couple years for Drew's wife to come along.... Finally I got a little feisty (yes, feisty--that's me), with God one Friday night during my prayer because I was a little frustrated that Drew was getting the run-around. I believe I said, "Just give him a straight answer so if she's not for him he can MOVE ON ALREADY!!!" Not sure I have my days right, but the next night they went to the movie 'Date Night' & it was all history from there! I was so freaked that my prayer had worked so quickly!

I feel like it was 2 weeks later (could be exaggerated) when we were out for Friday night dinner with the Hochstetler's & my Grandma said, just go for it! Then The next week we went out for Sunday lunch & Drew said to me....."I think I'm going to marry her". I had to go home & lie down. I almost hyperventilated & Caleb kept asking me if I was alright. It was such a shock but I was so excited!!!
The next month they were engaged & Drew wanted to get married in May, Keri opted for July so they could plan the wedding better. 

It is a bit strange I no longer have to take him shopping for clothes for himself, or for my mom for birthday or Christmas.... because he now has a wonderful woman in his life---Keri!

It has been quite the week before the wedding.
Drew & Keri's dog died after he got run over :( 
I was putting Keri's hair in a run through up-do for the wedding at my parents house & Drew called with the bad news, then he came over with his sunglasses on... broke my heart. 
Dad & I both agreed he was mostly sad because Keri loved the dog, not himself. 
I try to put my 2 cents in whenever possible about having kids, 
so I said, well Keri, look on the bright side, now you can get a kid instead! 
Instantly brightened her mood. I like the sound of 'Aunt Britt'. 

Here's to this next week being WAY BETTER! 

These are all pictures that I have on my computer from late high school through now! 
(and a couple baby photos of course!!)

Drewby & Britty---as we may have been lovingly called...

At my high school graduation.

 Taking Mason in the "bonkine" (combine).

 Holding his little nephew for the 1st time!

Over for dinner...

Okay, so these are a bit out of order, just bear with me!
Giving Drew some sisterly love.

At State basketball for IMS, Drew came to watch me cheer....
or probably just watch basketball, not sure which one! ;)

With Drew & his best friend Cory, my bros! 

Out celebrating being done with cosmetology school!

The surprise birthday party I threw for Drew at his usual hang-out, Carl & Ernie's in Iowa City.
Please note that Keri, was here, see picture 2 below..... I think Drew was maybe still chasing her! ;)

My wedding party. (Drew on the far right)

Drew & Mason (wearing Drew's old sweatshirt).

Mason's first Christmas, unwrapping his favorite toy from Uncle Drew....
the Mickey Mouse airplane!

Over at our house for dinner.
(Drew & Keri)

Please note Mason's face is THE flirt face, aimed right at Keri!

And it didn't take him long to love "KeKe".

With Mase on Halloween.

At Christmas. 
Caleb, Me, Keri, Mason & Drew.
The Hochstetler Fam.

Keri's birthday party.

Mason loves to ride on the lawn mower with Uncle Drew!

Happy 1 week till the WEDDING!

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  1. This is intensely sweet.

    The tears are rolling.

    Auntie A