family [the Wilson's]

Thanks to self timer for a couple of these... 
& random family trainee's for the ones of my family & I. 
.....not my typical photo shoot set up! :)

Take a look at my in-laws!
My husband is one of 5 children, 
they are very close-knit & all are great friends!

the original 5.

My brother-in-law & his girlfriend.
(who you saw in the previous post!)

the parents.

my family.

with the grandparents.

I am very blessed to call the Wilson family mine.
HAPPY 30 YEARS Brian & Nancy.



family [the Fuhr's]

The Fuhr's are one of the nicest families, 
they were so easy going & fun to work with too!

My family & I just love Kelsey (the daughter),
she dates my brother-in-law & has been part of our clan 
for quite some time! :)
(You'll see more of her in our family photos, 
coming up on the blog very soon)
It was fun to spend time with her fam & see where she came from,
it makes sense why she's so nice & easy to get along with & not to mention BEAUTIFUL... 
just look at her mom! 

Thank you for choosing me you guys!
I felt very privileged. 


wedding [jeff & lindsay] reception

This is the last blog post for this wedding & it is very bittersweet 
to be all done with it.

Thank you again to the couple & two families for letting me 
be a part of this big day!

the toasts given were so so so wonderful.....
lots of thought were put into each one.

These two are so in love! 

And off they go----- to the honeymoon in Mexico! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


wedding [jeff & lindsay] bridal party

the beautiful bridesmaids:

the groomsmen:

the ring bearers: 

the lovely Yoder Sister's. 
1 graduation.
2 weddings.
in 1 1/2 months time.

Sister & Brother. 
So precious. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!